Every aspect of political and corporate communications is what we do at Weeks&Co



  • Developing a strategic media plan unique to clients positioning needs that ultimately results in a “client win”.
  • Assisting in the preparation of public opinion and market research polls and translating findings into key messages. The research used in candidate and referendum campaigns is now being applied to government and public affairs campaigns.

Persuasive Copy

  • Developing messages and writing scripts for television and radio commercials and print copy.
  • Traveling with the candidate to help prepare for future shooting. There are times when we will travel with the candidate to learn more about the way the candidate works in front of large audiences and political gatherings.


  • Developing pre-production strategies that include research, location scouting, shoot itineraries and script development.
  • Working with Film Production Companies to determine length of shoots, amount of film, type of equipment and size of crew.
  • Direct the shoot and oversee the film production. Develop post-production strategies of transferring and editing film.
  • Editing footage into campaign-winning commercials.
  • Coordinate distribution process of final commercials. Process could include satellite transfers direct from post-production facilities to media outlets.


  • Developing an overall media placement strategy for paid media. We develop projections based on point levels, air dates and availability.
  • Designing mix of television, radio and print advertising.
  • Negotiating and executing the media buy. We communicate with the stations throughout the course of the campaign to verify the buy, obtain “make-goods” and modify schedules if changes in the buy are needed.
  • Coordinating earned media efforts to accompany paid media campaign.


  • Providing up-to- the-minute stewardship of the campaign’s media buy. We analyze stations’ “traffic” throughout the campaign via an “invoice matching system” and provide
    market affidavits for all media placed.
  • Monitoring the opposition’s buy. We closely monitor competitive information to give us a picture of the opposition’s media strategy.


  • Serving as political and media consultants to the candidate, campaign consultants, campaign managers and pollsters as well as corporate spokespeople.
  • In addition to creative media, Weeks&Co offers years of experience preparing clients for public appearances.